Is Fermented Honey-Garlic a Botulism Risk?

It seems like everybody is making honey-garlic ferments these days, but all across the internet, there's a lurking fear that honey-garlic may secretly harbor botulism. Some of this makes sense - there's a general misconception that garlic is somehow a high-risk food when it comes to botulism (not true, but widely believed), and of course,... Continue Reading →

Are dead probiotics still good for you?

This post isn't, strictly speaking, about store-bought probiotic pills, but rather how the dead microbes present on fermented foods seem to continue to confer benefits when eaten, despite being dead. That said, the main paper I cite below may give you some confidence that a pill form of probiotics can confer benefits even if you're... Continue Reading →

Kombucha’s Amazing Microbial Diversity

(Cover photo by zeevveez) People get pretty invested in their kombucha brews, and plenty of misinformation circulates about what kombucha is or is not. In this ongoing, always-to-be-updated post, we'll look at the catalog of creatures that different research teams have identified when they've gone exploring in kombucha's murky depths.  The Bacteria and Yeasts that... Continue Reading →

Fermented Rice Wine Experiment

While grains are beloved the world over for the tasty, tasty alcohol they create, rice is a grain that requires a little bit more work to turn it into booze. Across Asia, a number of approaches to unlocking rice's alcohol potential have been devised over the eons. For this fermented rice wine experiment, I went... Continue Reading →

Fermented Wine Kraut

  I've been wanting to make fermented wine kraut for a long, long time. I've read and re-read this blogger's adventure with Wine Sauerkraut, but somehow, I've just never gotten around to this German sauerkraut variant. That all changed today, and I got to play with a shiny new fermentation toy! I ordered an eJen... Continue Reading →

The “No Whey, Yes Whey” Fermentation Experiment

Whey, and starters in general, are a topic of controversy among many in the fermentation world. Well loved books like Nourishing Traditions call for its use in nearly every fermentation recipe, while other well-established voices advise against using it, noting that vegetables are covered in their own starter culture (just add some salt or salt water),... Continue Reading →

Can Mold Hurt a Ferment?

It's a funky and often contentious topic in the fermentation world, but at the end of the day, if you're not working on a batch of tempeh of a craft cheese, you're probably pretty unhappy when you find mold on your ferment. Personally, I seem to take a more relaxed view to very small amounts... Continue Reading →

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