Stacie Hieronymous with Harm the Bitey Cat
Stacie Hieronymous with Harm the Bitey Cat

I’m a freelance writer and marketing communications specialist living in Atlanta, with dreams of ending up on a beach somewhere. I live with my exceedingly patient and devastatingly beautiful wife, two dogs, two cats, and 50,000 honeybees (give or take) out back, as well as sundry fermentation vessels for all kinds of projects. Professionally, my focus is blogging and web content for law firms, but my writing has appeared on MNN.com, in a few print journals as poetry, and various blogs about various topics over the years.  

I got into fermentation pretty broadly in the late aughts, creating my first sauerkraut from a bagged cole slaw mix and my first beer on equipment handed down when my brother pulled up stakes and moved to Alaska. In 2010, I attended a week-long workshop with a dozen or so other fermentation enthusiasts in Tennessee with the esteemed Sandor Katz, and it remains one of my favorite vacations ever. 

Multicultured is my effort to meld various elements of my life and share the joy and fascination of transforming food and drink through the (semi) controlled action of microbes. It’s also an experiment for me in monetizing my writing without directly selling it. You’ll see affiliate links and other potential revenue generators, which I intend to use in as inoffensive a way as possible. Fermentation is fundamentally simple, and I don’t want to promote the idea that it’s a hobby that requires significant monetary investment. 

I’ve tried to organize the site in a meaningful way, but the taxonomies for some things are somewhat ambiguous, and people who are new to fermentation may not immediately find the categorization intuitive. Generally, Brine will include fermented vegetables like sauerkraut and one my personal favorites, sauerruben. Bugs will address wild starters like ginger bugs, which are used to set off fermentation to create things like ginger ale. Dropping Acid is an exploration of one my favorite fermentation projects, vinegar, as well as popular projects like kombucha and jun. 

Please enjoy the site. I hope to help add to the wealth of fermentation knowledge available on the web by providing good recipes that create great food, but mostly, I look forward to always learning more about this magical and delicious hobby together. 

– Stacie Hieronymous (Contact Me)

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