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Over the years, I’ve created dozens of personal websites for fun and to explore my own interests. Some of them are still live, while others have passed to the hinterlands of the WayBack Machine. One, no kidding, appears to have been stolen whole cloth – URL, content, graphics, all created by me – but I kind of like that it lives on and I’m not paying for the domain and hosting.

Such is life. Many of these blogs were ad supported, usually with Google AdSense, and once or twice a decade I’ve received a $100 check from Google from the stray page views those mostly forgotten web properties have managed to generate. 

Multicultured is, in part, an effort to monetize an interest and a website as a revenue stream. I would like to believe that a tended and maintained online community can ultimately yield some financial return. To that end, at this time, I employ the following monetization strategies:

Amazon Affiliate

I’ll add more as I develop more. Please understand that your use of the site and all content on it is absolutely free and has no strings attached. I prefer an awesome user experience to heavy handed selling and a cluttered website, but if you do click through to buy a product linked here, I may get a small commission. Theoretically, if I have 10,000 posts and a substantial fraction have affiliate links, ads, or some other revenue add on, I could actually make some money. We’ll see. 

Last Updated: June 2016

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