Aussie Scientists Brew Beer from Shipwreck Yeast

Cool – Mashable has a write up on some Australian research scientists who are brewing old school – really old school. They were able to isolate a few strains of yeast from an 18th century shipwreck, the Sydney Cove, which was in transit from India when it wrecked off the coast of Tasmania on it’s way to Port Jackson, Australia, in 1797. But what’s a couple of centuries between friends, right?

At this point, they’re not certain that the yeasts originated in the recovered bottles, and are hoping to recover more samples to work with. David Thurrowgood, a conservator at the Queen Victoria Museum in Tasmania, says, “Possibly the wreck has now also given us the world’s only known pre-industrial revolution brewing yeast,”

I’d brew with that.

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Stacie is a freelance writer living in Atlanta. She’s been fermenting for most of a decade, and is an enthusiastic maker of beer, wine, kraut, tempeh, and natto, as well as an avid keeper of bees. And dogs and cats.