Fermented Rice Wine Experiment

While grains are beloved the world over for the tasty, tasty alcohol they create, rice is a grain that requires a little bit more work to turn it into booze. Across Asia, a number of approaches to unlocking rice's alcohol potential have been devised over the eons. For this fermented rice wine experiment, I went... Continue Reading →

Yeast Manufacturing Is Big Business, Too

I'm trying to do more "quick hit" type pieces via Multicultured's Facebook page, largely just for ease of content development. It turns out you can embed Facebook posts in blog posts, which makes these one-offs really easy to work with. Sorry, that was all really technical. There's been a lot of growth in the brewing... Continue Reading →

Wild Starter for Sour Beer

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Because of our incredible honey bounty, Steve and I are talking about putting together a wild starter for some kind of authentic gruit-style beer. The starter itself should be easy to kick off - we'll boil up some grain sugar to sanitize it, let it cool to room temperature, then add a tablespoon of our... Continue Reading →

Brewing Mead

One of the best parts about making alcohol is that it tends to become a social event, and that's especially true when beekeepers are brewing mead. My friend Steve and I threw a bit of a party with the leftovers from our crush and strain honey harvest after he'd bottled most of it. I had... Continue Reading →

What is Alcohol? And How Do I Make Some?

Oh, booze. Sought after by bugs, birds, and elephants, it was only in the hands of early humans that the crafting of intoxicating beverages was elevated to an art form. It's likely that honey, soaked in water, was the first major source of alcohol to early people, who almost certainly considered the bubbly concoction and... Continue Reading →

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