Fermented Wine Kraut

  I've been wanting to make fermented wine kraut for a long, long time. I've read and re-read this blogger's adventure with Wine Sauerkraut, but somehow, I've just never gotten around to this German sauerkraut variant. That all changed today, and I got to play with a shiny new fermentation toy! I ordered an eJen... Continue Reading →

The “No Whey, Yes Whey” Fermentation Experiment

Whey, and starters in general, are a topic of controversy among many in the fermentation world. Well loved books like Nourishing Traditions call for its use in nearly every fermentation recipe, while other well-established voices advise against using it, noting that vegetables are covered in their own starter culture (just add some salt or salt water),... Continue Reading →

Can Mold Hurt a Ferment?

It's a funky and often contentious topic in the fermentation world, but at the end of the day, if you're not working on a batch of tempeh of a craft cheese, you're probably pretty unhappy when you find mold on your ferment. Personally, I seem to take a more relaxed view to very small amounts... Continue Reading →

Using Preserved Lemons & Limes

As previously discussed, preserved lemons and limes are some of my favorite things. I usually have a bunch of jars of them going at once, and as my brother-in-law's birthday approaches - he's an avid grill guy - I wanted to put some to use in one of my favorite applications. This requires some special... Continue Reading →

Getting Started: Sauerkraut

The first thing I ever tried to intentionally ferment was sauerkraut, and I can assure you that everything I did in that early, uninformed experiment, was, by any standard but the microbes', completely wrong. In this Getting Started piece, I want to focus on the fundamentals that can make even shredded cabbage from a bag... Continue Reading →

Getting Started: Fermenting Vegetables

Fermenting vegetables is, in truth, a very simple process. This tutorial is intended to demystify the process and give some pointers. For this, as you'll see from the pictures, I've used a knob of daikon radish and some celery, as well as pink Himalayan salt from Costco. Along with water and a jar, that's all... Continue Reading →

Fermentation Fail – Moldy Radishes!

Fermentation Fail Every fermenter will at some point experience a fermentation fail. This may be from an abundance of kahm yeast producing off smells, improper submerging of vegetables resulting in a layer of molded solids, or sometimes more mysteriously, a layer of mold that forms on the surface of the brine. It's sad, but it... Continue Reading →

What is Kahm Yeast, and What Does Kahm Do?

(Updated September 2018 with new bacterial species!) (December 2018 update: Got white film on the surface of kimchi? Check out this article to learn about five harmless yeast species that have been identified and analyzed for toxin formation!) In fermentation, we talk a lot about the dreaded "kahm yeast." This is a surface growth (a... Continue Reading →

Make Sauerkraut!

It's not a suggestion! Sauerkraut was my gateway fermentation project many years ago, and I've been hooked ever since. It's super easy, requiring a knife, some salt, a head of cabbage, and a jar. Alternatively, you can use bagged cole slaw mix and brine to create delicious, nutritious sauerkraut. You can embellish as much as... Continue Reading →

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