Gratuitous Cabbage Shot

Took a walk through the neighborhood today, including the six acre farm tucked back in the middle of our urban neighborhood. A gentleman was watering a big plot of about 200 tomato plants, and we struck up a conversation. Upon learning that I make sauerkraut, he insisted that I take one of his enormous cabbages.... Continue Reading →

Preserved Lemons and Limes

For me, citrus preserves are just that - an acid-preserved pickle rather than a lactic acid ferment. That said, the flavor of long Preserved Lemons or Preserved Limes, in a brine made of salt and their own juice, provides an outstandingly bright addition to many dishes, from cooked dishes to more relaxing fare like tuna or... Continue Reading →

Sauerruben (Pickled Turnips)

Everyone knows sauerkraut, the quintessential pickled cabbage that covers hot dogs in the summertime. I love a good batch of kraut, but when it comes to a fermentation project that makes my mouth water endlessly, sauerruben - pickled turnips - are my go-to for simple, easy deliciousness. Even better, since flavorful root vegetables like turnips... Continue Reading →

Pickled Apples (Russian Brined Apples)

With a Bourbon and Bacon party coming up, I wanted to develop something to complement bacon's savory flavor with an interesting sweetness. After Googling around for a while, I discovered some recipes for Russian Brined Apples, which seems like a pretty authentic way to make pickled apples. The recipes varied quite a bit. Some specified... Continue Reading →

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