Are dead probiotics still good for you?

This post isn't, strictly speaking, about store-bought probiotic pills, but rather how the dead microbes present on fermented foods seem to continue to confer benefits when eaten, despite being dead. That said, the main paper I cite below may give you some confidence that a pill form of probiotics can confer benefits even if you're... Continue Reading →

Kombucha’s Amazing Microbial Diversity

(Cover photo by zeevveez) People get pretty invested in their kombucha brews, and plenty of misinformation circulates about what kombucha is or is not. In this ongoing, always-to-be-updated post, we'll look at the catalog of creatures that different research teams have identified when they've gone exploring in kombucha's murky depths.  The Bacteria and Yeasts that... Continue Reading →

Spiced Ginger Ale Two Ways

So now that I have two active ginger bugs - one from fresh, grated ginger and one made from store-bought ground ginger - I want to compare how they do as starters for homemade, lacto-fermented soda. I like a nice, flavorful, spicy beverage, so I came up with this experimental recipe for Spiced Ginger Ale.... Continue Reading →

A Tale of Two Ginger Bugs

One question I've seen asked often is whether one can successfully make ginger bugs from store-bought ground ginger. First, a quick recap about ginger bugs, what they are, and how they're used. Like sourdough starter, a ginger bug is a wild starter cultured from the natural microflora that occurs on the skin of ginger. Traditionally,... Continue Reading →

Making a Ginger Bug

You could also call this post, "Raising a teenager," because that's about how it's been with me and the mysterious ginger bug. They're temperamental, fussy, a joy to be around when they're happy, and anxiety-causing when they're in a mood. Still, pour some of that magic decoction into sweet syrup or juice, and you have... Continue Reading →

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