Is Fermented Honey-Garlic a Botulism Risk?

It seems like everybody is making honey-garlic ferments these days, but all across the internet, there's a lurking fear that honey-garlic may secretly harbor botulism. Some of this makes sense - there's a general misconception that garlic is somehow a high-risk food when it comes to botulism (not true, but widely believed), and of course,... Continue Reading →

Brewing Mead

One of the best parts about making alcohol is that it tends to become a social event, and that's especially true when beekeepers are brewing mead. My friend Steve and I threw a bit of a party with the leftovers from our crush and strain honey harvest after he'd bottled most of it. I had... Continue Reading →

Rendering Beeswax from a Hive

Initially, I wasn't planning on having a lot of beekeeping posts here on Multicultured, but things like honey harvests and rendering beeswax are a) pretty cool projects that most people probably don't get to see and b) a lot of the honey ends up in giant carboys for mead making, so, well, it just makes sense. ... Continue Reading →

Honey Service in Peru

We have friends who are traveling in Peru, and they sent this shot of the honey service at their hotel's breakfast spread. I think this is amazing. They just cut the caps off the honey cells and let it drip on down. Great presentation. Vastly more impressive than good old crush and strain. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle... Continue Reading →

Honey Harvest – Crush & Strain

Not strictly fermentation related, but I recently had the pleasure of joining a friend for a sizeable honey harvest from his year-old beehive. Steve and I have been brewing (and drinking) beer together for a number of years, and when he decided to put a hive in his back yard last year, I was between... Continue Reading →

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