Fermented Wine Kraut


I’ve been wanting to make fermented wine kraut for a long, long time. I’ve read and re-read this blogger’s adventure with Wine Sauerkraut, but somehow, I’ve just never gotten around to this German sauerkraut variant. That all changed today, and I got to play with a shiny new fermentation toy! I ordered an eJen fermentation bucket, which gave me about a gallon and a half of space to play in, and includes a sealable inner lid that smashes down right onto the vegetables. It did indeed seem pretty no-fuss. I’m excited to have added it to my collection of things that are just hard to explain to other people. 

Fermented Wine Kraut Recipe


  • 5 pounds of cabbage
  • 20 grams of salt, about two tablespoons
  • One cup dry white wine

Shred the cabbage as you would for any kraut, salting and massaging as you go. If you have a pounder or other implement to further abuse it, work out some of the week’s frustrations. 

Pack the salted kraut, which should be sorta juicy by now, into your vessel. Pour in one cup of dry white wine. Apply weights or airlocks or whatever barrier you use to keep things submerged (remember the Three S’s!) and let it do its thing. 

Apparently the world’s first kraut-like dish was cabbage fermented in rice wine in China. It gave strength and vitality to the workers who constructed the Great Wall. I think white is traditional in Germany, but I suspect any wine will work to make a tasty kraut. 

Another shout out for the smartphone set – look for the Fermentor app by Studio Zoetekauw in the Apple Store or on Google Play. Fermentor costs a buck. It’s well worth it to record ferments and set notifications for when they’re done. This batch of wine kraut will be in the box for 21 days. Fermentor will help make sure I don’t forget about it. I’ll update this post when it’s finished and let you know how it turned out. 

Verdict at completion (4/8 update)

Yum! This is an extremely pungent kraut, although that could be because of the eJen box. The flavor and texture are amazing. It’s a little softer than I’m used to, although not in an unpleasant way, and the flavor is slightly sweeter while still having that delicious kraut salty bite. I’ll be making this again with all sorts of wine. A friend was over while I was jarring it, and he loved it so much I sent some home with him. Since we’re moving into grilling season, it’ll be an amazing accompaniment to his grilled specialties, especially with some of his homemade mustard. 

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