Podcast Heads-Up: Gastropod Does Vinegar

Curious about vinegar? The (very fun) Gastropod Podcast has a full episode up. Very informative stuff - check it out here. Or, presumably, wherever you listen to podcasts. I'll also have reviews up soon of two new books out on my favorite secondary fermentation product, Vinegar Revival by Harry Rosenblum and Acid Trip by Michael... Continue Reading →

The Three S’s of Fermentation Success

Fermentation is pretty magical, but it's also a predictable and logical process. As I've been writing Getting Started pieces for the blog, it occurred to me that I should write up a piece on the real basics of vegetable fermentation, which I'm calling "The Three S's," - salt, submerge, and sit. First: Salt Why? Salt... Continue Reading →

Using Preserved Lemons & Limes

As previously discussed, preserved lemons and limes are some of my favorite things. I usually have a bunch of jars of them going at once, and as my brother-in-law's birthday approaches - he's an avid grill guy - I wanted to put some to use in one of my favorite applications. This requires some special... Continue Reading →

Exit through the Gift Shop!

As a housekeeping note, I've been playing around with some graphics tools and trying to build out some fun gift ideas for fermentation fans. I'm still working out some kinks on implementation of other sources, but so far, I've managed to port in a collection of t-shirt designs hosted at Sunfrog and available at multicultured.org/gift-shop.... Continue Reading →

Getting Started: Sauerkraut

The first thing I ever tried to intentionally ferment was sauerkraut, and I can assure you that everything I did in that early, uninformed experiment, was, by any standard but the microbes', completely wrong. In this Getting Started piece, I want to focus on the fundamentals that can make even shredded cabbage from a bag... Continue Reading →

Yeast Manufacturing Is Big Business, Too

I'm trying to do more "quick hit" type pieces via Multicultured's Facebook page, largely just for ease of content development. It turns out you can embed Facebook posts in blog posts, which makes these one-offs really easy to work with. Sorry, that was all really technical. There's been a lot of growth in the brewing... Continue Reading →

Getting Started: Fermenting Vegetables

Fermenting vegetables is, in truth, a very simple process. This tutorial is intended to demystify the process and give some pointers. For this, as you'll see from the pictures, I've used a knob of daikon radish and some celery, as well as pink Himalayan salt from Costco. Along with water and a jar, that's all... Continue Reading →

Gastropod’s Kombucha Culture Episode

One thing I struggle with in researching different fermentation cultures is the wildly imaginative claims made about many of them. It's tough to find good info about things like kefir and kombucha, so I was excited when I heard that the Gastropod podcast was doing an episode on kombucha culture. And they mean culture in... Continue Reading →

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