Privacy Policy

Multicultured, like many millions of other websites, uses Google Analytics as a tool to help us understand how our readers use our content. We primarily use this data for content strategy purposes, but Google Analytics itself will collect a variety of information about your visit, including:

  • What website you arrived here from
  • Your approximate geographical location
  • How long you stay on our site
  • What content you view
  • And more

How Do I Use This Data? 

I use analytics to make a better website, create more relevant content, and address issues that my readers may be having. For instance, high traffic to a specific FAQ page may indicate a lack of clarity to the FAQ or deficiencies in other related content. Through analytics, I can gain insights that help me improve the site on an ongoing basis and provide better information to those who visit.

You are always welcome to opt out of this type of data collection. Google offers its own browser extension to do so, but the web is likely filled with alternative approaches that may suit the privacy-focused better. (Personally, I gave up on the idea of internet privacy around 2009, but props to everybody who keeps up the fight.)

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