The “No Whey, Yes Whey” Fermentation Experiment

Whey, and starters in general, are a topic of controversy among many in the fermentation world. Well loved books like Nourishing Traditions call for its use in nearly every fermentation recipe, while other well-established voices advise against using it, noting that vegetables are covered in their own starter culture (just add some salt or salt water),... Continue Reading →

Spiced Ginger Ale Two Ways

So now that I have two active ginger bugs - one from fresh, grated ginger and one made from store-bought ground ginger - I want to compare how they do as starters for homemade, lacto-fermented soda. I like a nice, flavorful, spicy beverage, so I came up with this experimental recipe for Spiced Ginger Ale.... Continue Reading →

A Tale of Two Ginger Bugs

One question I've seen asked often is whether one can successfully make ginger bugs from store-bought ground ginger. First, a quick recap about ginger bugs, what they are, and how they're used. Like sourdough starter, a ginger bug is a wild starter cultured from the natural microflora that occurs on the skin of ginger. Traditionally,... Continue Reading →

What is Alcohol? And How Do I Make Some?

Oh, booze. Sought after by bugs, birds, and elephants, it was only in the hands of early humans that the crafting of intoxicating beverages was elevated to an art form. It's likely that honey, soaked in water, was the first major source of alcohol to early people, who almost certainly considered the bubbly concoction and... Continue Reading →

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