Fermentation Fail – Moldy Radishes!

Fermentation Fail Every fermenter will at some point experience a fermentation fail. This may be from an abundance of kahm yeast producing off smells, improper submerging of vegetables resulting in a layer of molded solids, or sometimes more mysteriously, a layer of mold that forms on the surface of the brine. It's sad, but it... Continue Reading →

What is Kahm Yeast, and What Does Kahm Do?

(Updated September 2018 with new bacterial species!) (December 2018 update: Got white film on the surface of kimchi? Check out this article to learn about five harmless yeast species that have been identified and analyzed for toxin formation!) In fermentation, we talk a lot about the dreaded "kahm yeast." This is a surface growth (a... Continue Reading →

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