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Hi, my name is Stacie and I’ve been blogging about fermentation myths, legends, and recipes here at Multicultured on and off since 2016. I’ve been fermenting food and drink as a hobby/fascination since the mid-2000s, and by now I feel like I’ve learned a lot of things at least twice along the way. I do make the kinds of ferments that most people consider normal – sauerkraut, kimchi – but those aren’t the types of things that really drive my intellectual pursuit of the craft.

To that end, I’ve pulled a lot of material from the site here in December 2020 with the intention of adding a piece or two each week that really gives space to some of the less traveled corners of the fermentation universe. Like the time I ordered a lactose-eating yeast from Canada to try to replicate a traditional Scottish whey wine called Blaand, or how I became deeply addicted to the aroma of the koji mold Aspergillus oryzae.

Those are the kinds of things I’d prefer to highlight. The internet is filled with excellent recipes and far more gorgeous photographs of krauts and pickles than I can pull off anyway. This is a place for getting weird with food.