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Kombucha’s Amazing Microbial Diversity

People get pretty invested in their kombucha brews, and plenty of misinformation circulates about what kombucha is or is not. In this ongoing, always-to-be-updated post, we’ll look at the catalog of creatures that different research teams have identified when they’ve… Continue Reading →

Acidity and pH: Two fermentation values with two different meanings

Introductory note: I’m not a scientist, just a ferment geek. If I misstate information in this post, please leave a correction in comments or email  Fermenters have a specific interest in pH changes in the food and beverages we’re… Continue Reading →

Vinegar Basics

Vinegar is one of those entirely misunderstood but constantly used edibles. It’s mixed into salad dressings and marinades, used as an eco-friendly household cleaner, and even applied topically as shampoo and a skin toner. But what is vinegar, and where… Continue Reading →

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